Our storm Lawyers help people and businesses with their insurance claims after storms, fires, and other disasters.

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Hurricane Damage
Drywall Repair and Restoration
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Denied claim

Lack of coverage? Get a second opinion.

If your insurance claim was denied, then contact a storm lawyer. At a minimum, you will get a second opinion on whether it should be covered. If your claim was wrongfully denied, the insurance company could be required to pay even more money as a penalty.

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Underpaid Claim

Not enough money or under the deductible

Many clients do have their claims paid, but the problem is the amount paid, if any. Insurance companies are notorious for low-balling covered claims.
If you cannot get your house or business repaired or replaced with the money the insurance company has offered, then consult a storm lawyer. You have a right to hold your insurance company accountable. You pay your insurance every month; they should pay you fairly on your claim.

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Unreasonable Delay

Critical deadlines apply

Insurance companies have deadlines set by law. But the law also sets deadlines for you to bring formal legal action. So if you've received the runaround and miss deadlines to file, then you may never get paid, even if your insurance company missed its deadlines. If you've been getting the runaround on your insurance claim, hire an attorney now. Do not miss your deadlines!

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Hurricane Laura Relief: The Storm Lawyers

Our law firms work together to bring the best result to our clients. We are seasoned trial lawyers. We are advocates. We are storm lawyers.
And, like you, we have also been victims of storms.
Our attorneys are licensed in both Louisiana and Texas.

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Brasher Law Firm

Brasher Law Firm has handled storm claims since the era of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.


B.E. Franklin Law

B. E. Franklin began work on storm claims with Brasher Law Firm nearly a decade ago and continues to partner with them on storm claims.

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Reviewing the Laws

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Hurricane Laura
Storm Lawyers

We fight for you when your insurance claim is denied, underpaid, or delayed.
Hurricane Laura Claims


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